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A Storage Letter to SANta

Dear SANta,

How has your year been up at the North Pole? A bit warmer than normal? Have you had lots of visitors coming up to see the melting ice? Has the whited-out landscape given way to green grass or blue water?

Okay, lets cut to the chase, as I know you are busy and I have plenty of year-end things to attend to as well. What I want for Christmas this year:

Capacity planning tools that look at physical and virtual servers, storage, networks, and facilities, including power consumption. These should include the ability to show performance activity information plus space utilization. Oh, if you can throw in some availability reporting and measurement modules, as well as a template to comply with the future EPA Energy Star for servers, storage, and data center initiatives, that would be great.

Access to your new SANta Shopping as a Service (SSaaS) Website. I understand it will offer managed services including backup, archive and replication with all data being kept in a cool, climate controlled facility. Will you be using this site and data to determine who has been naughty and nice? Being how you are up north, are you using Asigra software from Toronto, or is its software too hot for your use?

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