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Startup Feasts on Data Center Garbage

"Energy-from-waste" technology, which turns garbage into power, has been around for decades, but typically the equipment needed to take advantage of it is so massive that it's only useful to municipalities and other huge organizations.

Not anymore. A startup called Data Centigrade Inc. has come up with a small-scale version of the same idea -- a waste recycler that can be installed directly inside office environments to help companies do their bit for the environment and cut their data center heating bills.

Figure 1:

The Gigapit

Called simply "The Gigapit," the product is installed in any open plan office environment (typically next to the kitchen) to burn solid fuel made from office rubbish in order to create power for nearby data center operations, Data Centigrade says.

The unit, about the size of a small trash bin, typifies a trend toward waste-to-energy technology, which is catching on worldwide. One source notes that the U.S. presently burns 14 percent of its solid waste, while Denmark burns more than 50 percent.

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