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SpiderOak Merges Backup, Sync, File Sharing

CHICAGO -- Online data manager SpiderOak today introduced a new service for owners of multiple computers with SpiderOak Sync, the first synchronization solution that combines easy setup with no changes to the users existing folder structure, cross-platform PC/Mac/Linux computer and peripheral support, and ‘zero knowledge’ encryption to ensure privacy. Documents, music, photos, movies and other files can be sync’d automatically and continuously to ensure that changes in designated folders on a given machine are replicated across all devices. The service also includes online backup, storage, file sharing and remote file access – at half the cost of other sync offerings.

With SpiderOak, users can set up an unlimited number of sync routines between two or more locations and/or devices. Upon selecting any group of folders, SpiderOak Sync ensures that the same content is available on home and work machines, desktops and laptops, or any other combination of computers, external hard drives, network drives, removable media and/or peripherals. This ‘sync it your way’ strategy enables subscribers to (for example):

  • Sync photo folders between their home Mac and their work PC
  • Sync music folders between their desktop PC and their Linux laptop
  • Sync one set of document folders between their work computer and network drive to be sure the latest files are uploaded to the network
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