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Spectra Logic Intros T950

WASHINGTON -- Spectra Logic, the data storage innovator, today announced the eight-frame Spectra T950 — an enterprise-class library that expands as agency data grows, up to 16.08 petabytes, compressed. It is the only product on the market today that large federal data centers can use to partition and integrate any combination of tape, VTL, and encryption, implementing the AES-256 algorithm and compression through its FIPS-compliant chip. The T950’s encryption key management suite operates within the library through a standard graphical interface, with no need for additional packages to complete the key management solution.

“The T950 uses an average of 65 percent less energy than competing libraries,” said Brian Grainger, vice president of Spectra Logic Federal. “Selecting the 8-frame T950 energy-efficient library helps agencies handle growing quantities of data while meeting the larger federal commitment to energy conservation, in keeping with the DOE’s Federal Energy Management Program and related regulations.”

Spectra Logic Corp.