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Spectra Logic Extends Tape Health Tool

BOULDER, Colo. -- Spectra Logic has extended its Media Lifecycle Management (MLM) technology outside the library with a new MLM Reader, which is now shipping. The MLM Reader is a portable device that allows customers to check tape health on any computer through USB, without loading the tape into a library, and is designed to proactively identify faulty tape media before it is required for a data restore. Spectras MLM Reader gives users fast access to tape media health scores as well as specific information on individual cartridges to facilitate proactive identification of media that pose a threat.

Because a cartridge’s media quality can’t be determined visually, MLM accesses the media’s health statistics which are stored in each individual tape cartridge. MLM comprehensively analyzes each tape’s health, and indicates when to proactively migrate data from an at-risk cartridge onto new media and avoid data loss. The new MLM Reader now extends this same ability outside of the library allowing users to conveniently view MLM’s tape health information.

“Spectra’s MLM technology provides advanced media tracking and reporting for the life of a tape to proactively identify and avoid potential media failures, and therefore help eliminate data loss,” said Matt Starr, CTO of Spectra Logic. “The new MLM Reader extends these benefits outside the library and will particularly interest large enterprises and supercomputing users that export large numbers of tapes from their libraries for offsite storage.”

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