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SP2 Keeps Moving

Since my last post most of the news in the industry has swirled around Microsoft's Windows XP SP2 and the effect it's likely to have on your computing environment. I've got it sandboxed on one machine in my lab--I'm looking forward to seeing what still works, what works better, and what doesn't work at all.

Others haven't waited as long as I did, and they've been diving into the SP2 maelstrom since slightly before its release. There have been a ton of news stories on SP2, its problems and its benefits (and, yes, there seem to be several important benefits to SP2). If you have a couple of hours to kill and want to read a lot of high-volume declaiming on the subject, the folks at Slashdot have been doing their usual thorough job of wringing something out (both technically and linguistically).

Be sure to check out the Buzzcuts in the next issue of Network Computing--there's more information coming. For that matter, check out the Buzzcuts in every issue. They're quick to read, they're pithy, and they tend to give us all new things to think and argue about.