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Sony Allows A Peek At PlayStation 3

The battle of video game consoles got underway in Los Angeles Monday when Sony Corp.'s entertainment division gave the world its first glimpse of PlayStation 3 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Nintendo of America Inc. will unveil its latest console, named Wii, on Tuesday morning at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. Microsoft will follow with announcements later in the day.

Sony Computer Entertainment America, the world's largest maker of video-game players, vowed to have the new console on store shelves by November.

Sony is counting on the PlayStation 3's high-definition Blu- ray Disc DVD player and faster chip to counter the popularity of Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360. For Sony, the console should meet gamers' expectations to revive earnings growth.

In March, Sony delayed the PlayStation 3 until the holiday season, which begins in November. By then, Microsoft Corp. will have had a year's head start with Xbox 360.

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