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Solid Slate Of New Wares Debuts At InfoSecurity Show

With security the top priority of enterprises for the foreseeable future, it's no shock that vendors keep pushing the innovation envelope.

At InfoSecurity 2003, a conference and expo targeting enterprise security that opened Monday in New York City and wraps up Thursday, a slew of security providers rolled out a solid slate of creative new wares.

Among the vendors which introduced security products:

Network Intelligence released the newest version of its security event management (SEM) software, enVision 2.001. The new software, which is integrated into Network Intelligence's own line of security appliances, sports additional device support, improved analysis of security events -- it can handle as many as 50,000 sustained events per second, according to Network Intelligence -- and a new method of calculating the severity of events based on Homeland Security's severity levels. Although enVision is being demonstrated at InfoSecurity, the updated software won't be available until Dec. 19.

Cryptolog launched Unicity, a software-only solution that deploys digital certificates to end users based on 'zero knowledge' authentication and virtual smart cards. 'Zero knowledge' authentication is a way to prove a user's identity without revealing his password to the verifying agent. Unicity uses the technique to issue digital certificates -- used to authenticate users for financial transactions, to access protected documents, and to encrypt and sign e-mail messages -- without the need for cumbersome hardware, said Cryptolog. Designed around a virtual smart card server, with plug-ins or Java applets provided to end-users, Unicity replaces physical security methods, such as issuing smart cards or USB-based tokens that plug into PC ports.

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