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SNIA Starts Online User Community

SAN FRANCISCO -- The End User Council (EUC) of the Storage Networking Industry Association today announced the formation of the Storage Technology Online Community (StorTOC). Located at, StorTOC is the only online site both built and managed by end users as a solely end user collaborative community for networked storage.

StorTOC expands upon the success of the EUC by providing new opportunities for end user leadership, education, advocacy, collaboration and sharing of best practices. Professionals involved in storage and networking technology have the opportunity here as nowhere else to network exclusively with their end user peers and privately share the storage and networking issues they grapple with every day. In addition, the StorTOC site provides educational training opportunities, professional development through industry association membership, collaboration with technology and industry organizations and public speaking opportunities at conferences and events. Members will also have access to academic research studies that offer unique participation and sponsorship opportunities.

"StorTOC delivers the kind of peer-developed resources Information Technology professionals need in their daily operations," said Laurence Whittaker, EUC Chair. "As an example, posted on the site is an End User Council-developed survey revisiting the top ten pain points of storage end users. The new survey found that storage 'Reliability/Availability' emerged as the top pain point, with the former #1 pain point of 'Cost' falling to fourth place," Whittaker stated. "Examining and discussing these kinds of findings among peers can assist in future strategies and ventures."

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