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Siber Systems Roboform

Passwords are the bane of my existence. Yes, I know they're necessary -- I really don't want anybody pulling several hundred dollars out of my online checking account, thank you very much. But because I'm paranoid enough not to want to use the same passwords all the time, I'm constantly forgetting which username/password combination I've used for which site.

It's true that most browsers will save passwords for you these days, but they don't offer a simple way to organize or edit your password list. Some, like Internet Explorer, don't give you access to a password list at all.

Which is why a good password manager is such a life saver -- and one of the best is Roboform. Siber Systems introduced Roboform in 1999, and while it's one of the more expensive of these utilities (there are a few free and/or cheaper ones around), it's also well worth the price of admission.

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Setup literally takes minutes; what could have been a frustrating task is made exceedingly simple. There's only one drawback: You can't sign up through Google for a new domain. If you want to get a new domain, you'll have to first register it with a registrar, then walk through the Google setup steps.

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