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SGI Unveils Oracle Solution

SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- Todays enterprises face a constellation of challenges brought by soaring data volumes, increasingly complex analyses, multiple workflows, and ever larger populations of users. Those trends are bearing down on the data warehouses that organizations rely on to turn raw data into actionable insights.

Now, a new SGI® solution optimized for Oracle® data warehouses addresses the needs of this emerging class of enterprise customer. Built specifically for Complex Decision Support environments, the new data warehouse solution was launched today by SGI (NASDAQ: SGIC).

The new SGI® Adaptive Data Warehouse solution uses SGI technology first developed to deliver the performance, scalability and reliability needed for such data-intensive fields as battlefield intelligence, energy exploration, and weather modeling and forecasting.

With its ability to support bandwidth intensive applications, that same architecture shortens time to insight and boosts productivity for any customer analyzing data to solve highly complex, large-scale problems. Increasingly, those customers include online merchants who handle high-volume transactions, organizations running sophisticated pattern recognition software to catch identity thieves, and manufacturers whose complex decision support needs range from sales analysis to supply chain management.

The solution, launched as part of the Oracle Optimized Warehouse Initiative, combines industry-leading Oracle Database software with SGI® Altix® servers and SGI® InfiniteStorage systems in a platform that scales to meet the needs of customers whose requirements extend beyond the capabilities of traditional enterprise computers.

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