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SF Network Lockout Avoidable

NEWTON, Mass. -- Cyber-Ark, the privileged identity management specialists, says that the ongoing FiberWAN network lockout situation in San Francisco - where a network administrator has changed system passwords and is refusing to hand them over to administrators - could have been avoided if managers had operated a high-security approach to master passwords.

This is yet another example of the power privileged identities, such as administrative passwords have and the havoc they can cause in the wrong hands,” said Adam Bosnian, a vice president at Cyber-Ark. “Hackers, or rogue employees such as this case, are savvier on how to create the most damage with the least effort these days, and the use of admin passwords does just that. Unfortunately, the San Francisco department left themselves wide-open by not taking their privileged identity management seriously.”

Cyber-Ark Software Ltd.