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Sentilla Offers Energy Mngt. for Data Centers

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- Sentilla Corporation, provider of demand-side energy management solutions for data centers and commercial facilities, today introduced Sentilla Energy Manager to provide detailed analysis of the power profile of a data center, enabling managers and IT staff to better measure and manage power consumption, increase energy efficiency and lower operating costs to improve business performance. Sentilla debuts the energy measurement and management software platform on the heels of a $7.5 million Series B financing round.

“As energy resources become more scarce and IT and operating budgets get leaner, companies are looking at ways to do more with less,” said Bob Davis, chief executive officer of Sentilla. “Sentilla offers businesses the power to evaluate and subsequently transform energy-draining data centers into more efficient and less costly operations. Already deployed in commercial and industrial facilities, Sentilla’s technology wirelessly analyzes the energy profile of each piece of equipment so that managers have the knowledge they need to reduce consumption.”

Sentilla Corp.