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Search Engines Fight Copyright-Infringement Suits

Two search engines sued by the Motion Picture Association of America Inc. for allegedly providing links to illegal copies of movies and TV shows said Friday that they are forming a coalition to fight the lawsuits. and said they would work together with defendants in MPAA suits and other file-sharing operators to battle the trade group.

"We will fight for the right for technological progress and the legality of the search engine itself," said in a posting.

The MPAA on Thursday filed seven lawsuits across the nation in an expansion of its battle against pirated movies and TV shows available online. Rather than sue just the file-sharing sites where illegal copies of movies are distributed, the MPAA is now targeting the search engines used to find the content.

Besides and, defendants included search engines, and The MPAA also sued, a site that provides one-click access to content on file-sharing network EDonkey; and newsgroups, and, whose members, according to the trade group, are providing links to illegal content.

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