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Scentric Launches Tool

ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- Scentric, the provider of the worlds first universal data classification solution, today announced the availability of the Data Privacy Assessment Tool, empowering enterprise users with a proactive assessment of potential data privacy risks. Available as a free download at for a 30 day period following user registration on the site, the application provides on-demand classification of files on laptops, desktops, filers and file servers.

In the last two years, over 100 million private data records have been lost or stolen according to the Privacy Rights Clearing House. The Ponemon Institute estimates the average cost of a data breech in 2006 at $182 per record, but the impact of a privacy breech on an enterprise goes beyond the dollar costs involved to include damage to a company’s brand image, potential fines, and lost customers.

“Enterprises shouldn’t have to learn the hard way when it comes to protecting data,” said Jeff Hornung, president and CEO of Scentric. “We’ve found that most customers simply are not aware how much sensitive or regulated information is lying around unprotected in their enterprise network. As we’ve seen in so many recent headlines, that is a recipe for disaster if the information falls into the wrong hands. We take great pride in being the first classification company to offer a data privacy ‘wake up’ call through the availability of this proactive assessment tool.”

Scentric Inc.