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SAP Brings Intelligence To Unified Governance, Risk and Compliance Apps

Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) challenges have been around
for a long time, even before some of the newest requirements set forth
by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Patriot Act. The trouble is, many
enterprises make things harder by separately addressing the components
of GRC -- and even the individual applications and initiatives within
each category.

"Companies are starting to realize that they are handling
similar risk and compliance activities over and over again with
different applications, different capabilities and separate
initiatives," says Narina Sippy, senior vice president and general
manager, GRC Solutions at SAP BusinessObjects. "Companies are now
looking to lower GRC costs, and one way they can do that is to improve
visibility so they can see where there are shared risks and

SAP's strategy has been to unify the disciplines of governance,
risk and compliance, ensuring uniform and reusable policies and
controls, wherever appropriate, deployed within business processes
across the enterprise. With last week's release of upgraded SAP
BusinessObjects Risk Management and SAP BusinessObjects Process Control
applications, the company says it's taking a next step to integrate GRC
activities by embedding dashboarding, analytics and reporting
capabilities from SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius and Crystal Reports.

"With embedded analytics, we can give you insight into what's
going on in your business tied to key risks and business objectives,"
Sippy explains. "These applications previously had key risk indicators,
but they weren't as comprehensive as they are now, and we didn't have a
way to easily visualize what's going on in the business."

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