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SanBlaze Shows SAS Extender

MAYNARD, Mass. -- SANBlaze Technology, Inc., a leading provider of storage solutions for the embedded computing market, today announced the release of its SB-RTM431, a new AdvancedTCA (ATCA) Rear Transition Module (RTM) featuring a SAS expander and two removable SAS, SATA or SSD disk drives that fit wholly within the RTM thermal footprint. The SB-RTM431 will be the only RTM on the market that provides a deterministic cooling environment for serviceable disk drives.

"All of the competing RTM designs that we've seen leave as much as 50% of the drive hanging outside the chassis, where temperature and airflow are not controlled. Users cannot control how hot the disk drives get," said Steve Looby, director of product management at SANBlaze Technology. "Our new RTM is the first to introduce an innovative FRU mechanism that fits wholly inside the RTM assembly. I'm certain that once others see it, it will be the new norm for the industry."

SANBlaze Technology Inc.