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Rollout: NetMotion Mobility XE 7.2

The Upshot

NetMotion's Mobility XE software is a VPN that maintains application sessions while clients move between wireless coverage gaps and from Wi-Fi to cellular data networks. The product aims to improve productivity because users don't have to start from scratch when applications are interrupted by connectivity loss.
Other mobile VPN products that offer session persistence include Columbitech's Wireless VPN, Ecutel's Viatores Mobile IP VPN and IBM's Lotus Mobile Connect. All three run on Linux or Windows; Mobility XE is Windows-only. But, NetMotion still leads with its QoS capability and highly configurable policy management.
Mobility XE provides an excellent user experience by preventing application disconnections. Version 7.2 adds support for Windows Vista and Client Network Failover. The product is most appropriate for verticals, such as health care, that benefit from session persistence.

NetMotion Mobility XE 7.2

Enterprise users are on the move. Whether they're roaming office corridors or accessing apps from a coffee shop three states away, they connect over a variety of networks, including corporate WLANs, Wi-Fi hotspots and 3G cellular services. But mobility has a price: Move out of coverage range and the application fails, forcing users to reconnect to the network, restart the application and re-enter any lost data.

NetMotion Wireless' Mobility XE can keep that from happening. It's a mobile VPN that maintains app sessions as users move into a wireless coverage gap, or from WLANs to cellular data connections. Mobile VPNs are engineered from the ground up to smooth out coverage gaps and include optimizations such as compression and low protocol overhead tailored for bandwidth-limited wireless connections.

Competitors such as Columbitech, Ecutel and IBM offer similar products and support a broader range of server OSs and mobile platforms. But NetMotion is still the one to beat, thanks to its policy-management functions and QoS capabilities. However, the real competition for NetMotion is the business case. If session persistence isn't essential, and the application is secured through built-in encryption or a standard IPsec or SSL VPN, Mobility XE and other mobile VPNs are strictly optional.

The Power Of Persistence

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