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Rollout: eEye's Blink Professional 2.5

The Upshot

Blink Professional 2.5 uses a layered protection approach to stop attacks at the network and client levels. Blink detects and prevents zero-day attacks that conventional signature-based IDS/IPS and antivirus products miss.

Keeping desktops and laptops secure is an ongoing struggle. To prevent the damage caused by vulnerable software and careless users who click on malicious files, a product must stop attacks at the network and application levels.

Blink stood up to every attack--both known and zero-day--thrown at it during testing. Its layered approach stopped attacks even when other protections were intentionally disabled. Firewall, identity-theft and registry protections all worked as expected. Blink is a well-designed, robust host intrusion-protection solution for individual and enterprise environments.

Blink Professional 2.5

Eeye Digital Security's Blink Professional 2.5 is a robust endpoint security suite that protects standalone machines, small workgroups and enterprise deployments against network-based and client-side attacks. Companies looking to protect Windows workstations, laptops and servers from malicious attacks, identity theft and tomorrow's vulnerabilities will find it all here. Unlike conventional intrusion-detection and -prevention systems, Blink operates both at the network and application layers to stop attacks before they do damage.

Blink features six categories of protection: system firewall, application firewall, intrusion prevention, identity-theft protection, anti-spyware and system protection. In each category, users can create custom protection rules or modify existing ones.

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