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Rollout: Cisco Systems 7921G phone

The Upshot

The Cisco 7921G aims to make employees more productive by offering in-building mobility. Its new dual-band support means fewer problems with wireless interference.
Cisco doesn't support SIP, though other Vo-Fi phone vendors such as SpectraLink, which also offers a dual-band phone, do. However, Cisco's unit boasts an excellent user interface and more talk time.
The phone performs well in both 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz bands. It is best-suited to verticals such as health care, retail and manufacturing that have a Cisco VoIP and Wi-Fi infrastructure in place. Corporate users that need in-building or intracampus mobility may benefit, but it won't replace conventional desksets.

Cisco Systems 7921G phone

When IT pros talk about mobility, it's usually in the context of remote workers. But what about employees who may be "in the office" but rarely at their desks? These employees can be reached by cell phone, but that means extra costs for the enterprise.

Voice over Wi-Fi (Vo-Fi) enables in-building or intra-campus mobility, and may be a better option for those employees. The new Cisco Systems 7921G phone, which operates in both the 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz bands, leverages existing Cisco wireless and VoIP infrastructure to provide mobility within your enterprise. It has essential features, such as conferencing, call forwarding, speed dialing, transfer and hold, and supports XML applications.

SpectraLink is Cisco's main Vo-Fi competitor, with SpectraLink also offering a dual-band phone. In addition to offering a dual-band phone, SpectraLink supports SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), while Cisco relies on a own protocol. The upshot being that if your wireless and VoIP infrastructure is end-to-end Cisco, this is an excellent phone for mobile employees, though not a replacement for standard VoIP desksets. If your infrastructure includes more than just Cisco gear, however, you should look elsewhere.

Cisco Calling

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