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Rolling Review: Compuware Vantage 10

The Upshot

Compuware's broad collection capabilities and ability to aggregate data into business views makes the link between infrastructure and service management. Through synthetic transactions, probe-based traffic capture, server and application agents, and remote monitoring, Compuware Vantage helps organizations identify and resolve application problems before they impact the business.

The APM space has evolved from a combination of technologies, including agent-based monitoring, remote agentless monitoring, synthetic transaction replay and traffic capture off the network. Organizations and vendors generally select one or more of these approaches, with the end goal of predicting problems before they affect customers and the business. Compuware Vantage seeks to deliver every possible data collection approach while also integrating with other systems.
Vantage delivers on its promise to pull various monitoring methods into one consolidated view. Users can drill down for their specific applications to get detailed transaction and traffic capture data. However, as with most APM products today, finding problems does still require a trained application administrator.

The fourth entry in our application performance management Rolling Review is Compuware's Vantage 10. In our APM kickoff article, we discussed the myriad options that vendors provide to collect information on application performance. No matter what approach you take, Compuware is ready, collecting data with several synthetic transaction, server and application agents; remote agentless collection; and probe-based traffic capture options.

While each version of Vantage—ServerVantage, NetworkVantage and ClientVantage—can be implemented singly, we found that they also integrate smoothly into the VantageView Web-based console. From this single view, you can configure reports and see alerts across all the separate Vantage monitoring databases.

In fact, the best part of Vantage is its VantageView central monitoring, alerting and reporting capability. Through the Web-based GUI, we were able to define real-time monitoring and historical reports from across all collection mechanisms and assign them to specific roles and users. We also configured Compuware's concept of dashboards to roll up performance and availability alerts from each of the client, network and server monitoring methods. We configured a couple of parent-child dashboards and links from them to reports we had created earlier. While this linking flexibility was powerful, we did feel that object placement and the look and feel of the dashboards were static in relation to the portal capabilities of some competitors.

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