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Revisiting Thin Provisioning's 'Firsts'

It's been a couple of months since George Teixeira, CEO of DataCore, unleashed his rabid PR team on the press, to "stop the insanity" of our insistence that 3PAR "invented" thin provisioning, or at least developed it first.

The memo I got from George's hired help back in May argued that news articles about HDS's introduction of thin provisioning was including an awful lot of press references to 3PAR, making it seem that either HDS or 3PAR had invented the technique. Before 3PAR's product introduction, DataCore maintained, it was humbly selling the very same technology without calling it "thin provisioning."

The DataCore missive included the following statement: "Where we take exception is in the 'giddiness' with which this was reported and how no small dose of accuracy and fairness has been thrown out the window in the midst of the marketing tsunami."

At the time, we paid no attention. After all, why was DataCore raising a fuss, when for five years it never mentioned "thin provisioning" in any of its briefings to us? Flaks, begone!

But this week, I had a chance to reconsider. I caught up by phone with George, and separately with David Scott, the CEO of 3PAR, and asked them to explain. What was all the fuss about?

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