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Review Roundup: Five Low-Cost 19-Inch LCD Displays

If you're wondering whether to choose between a CRT monitor or an LCD panel, don't bother: LCDs have won the argument flat out. Not surprisingly -- LCDs offer a smaller desktop footprint, much lighter weight (the typical 19-inch LCD has a native resolution of 1280 x 1024; an equivalent CRT would probably weigh over 60 pounds) and savings in both heat and power.

More recently, the price of LCDs has dropped to the extent that you no longer have to have a corporate budget to afford one. While LCD displays used to run over a thousand dollars for even a simple 15-inch unit, you can now find a solid 17-inch display for under $300.

Five 19-Inch LCDs

•  Introduction

•  Getting The Best View

•  AG Neovo AGM A-19

•  BenQ FP93G X

•  Rosewill R913J

•  Samsung 940BF

•  ViewSonic VX922

•  Comparison Chart

For this roundup, we assembled five 19-inch LCDs that hover around the $250 price point, from both popular and lesser-known manufacturers: the AG Neovo AGM A-19, the BenQ FP93G X, the Rosewill R913J, the Samsung SyncMaster 940BF, and the ViewSonic VX922.

However, CRTs have been so much a part of the computer landscape for so long that many of us may not be aware of the different factors involved in buying and using an LCD monitor. There are a number of differences between the two types of monitors that it would be wise to keep in mind when you shop for your next desktop display.

Forget About Flicker
We've become used to looking for a monitor with the highest refresh rate possible. However, the average LCD prefers a refresh rate of 60 Hertz -- something that would have a CRT flickering like a candle. Why? Because LCDs don't actually have a refresh rate.

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