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Review: RedCannon's Fireball Keypoint

Looking for a USB storage appliance that can give employees the secure mobility they need without upsetting the bean counters? If so, RedCannon Security's KeyPoint 2.0 may be just the ticket.

Priced at $149 for the 256-MB version and $299 for the 512-MB model, KeyPoint is a viable money saver for mobile workers who want to carry around their data without lugging a laptop. Features include spyware scanning, an encrypted data vault, and secure browsing and e-mail.

Quick, Easy Update

I tested KeyPoint in our Green Bay, Wis., Real-World Labs®, then took it out on the road for a spin.

As soon as I plugged KeyPoint into my laptop, the device connected with the RedCannon Web site, then checked to see if its loaded software was current. After determining that no updates were available, KeyPoint launched a splash screen and proceeded to run the included spyware scan. Both software and spyware updates can be scheduled on a user-configurable basis as well as invoked manually.

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