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Review: Flock Offers A Firefox For Bloggers

If you were trying to develop a new Web browser, your first instinct would probably be to try to make it as different from the leading products as possible. The folks at Flock had a different idea. They've based their new browser unabashedly on Firefox, with the difference that Flock, currently in beta, offers a variety of features geared toward today's social networking sites: photo-sharing sites, blogs, and bookmark-sharing sites.

Flock is recognizably based on Firefox -- placed side by side, the only immediate difference is that Flock's icons are more rounded, and there are additional icons for photo sharing, blogging, and RSS feeds. There is also a large starred icon to the left of the address field; this allows you to tag URLs for the favorites-sharing sites Shadows and

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Better Blogs
The blog tool is quite nifty. Flock supports blogs that use WordPress, Typepad, Movable Type, LiveJournal, Drupal, and Blogger. I set Flock up for a LiveJournal account, and found that it really did work easily and well. On the first try, I was able to drop in an image, type in some text, and immediately post to my LiveJournal blog.

To make things even easier, the blog tool includes a "Web-Snippets Bar," a bar across the bottom of the window that acts as a sort of savings bank for images and text selections. You save images or text selections by either dragging and dropping them onto the bar, or right-clicking on the highlighted selection and choosing "Send to Web-Snippets. You can then drag and drop the text or the image into your blog entry. It's a very convenient and impressive feature.

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