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Review: Apricorn's EZ Upgrade For Notebooks

Say your laptop is still functioning, but you're running out of disk space. What should you do? An obvious answer would be to replace the old drive. Right—just pull the old drive out, and slip in a bigger drive. If only it were that simple.

As a matter of fact, it now really is that simple. I used Apricorn's EZ Upgrade Notebook Hard Drive Upgrade Kit to change out the 60GB drive in my trusty Toshiba Satellite M35 in favor of a Seagate 160GB drive.

Since I was approaching the limits of my 60GB drive, the prospect of replacing the drive, installing Windows, reloading all the applications and data seemed like a lot of work—especially since some of my applications were downloaded, and their installer files had been deleted long ago. I shouldn't have worried. The Apricorn Upgrade Kit made it easy.

As a safety net, my first move was to make a backup of my data to my desktop computer by simply copying the folders using my network connection. Once my copies were in place I was ready to start the drive replacement process.


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