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Return of the Browser Wars?

Is it possible? Could the timeless battle between Internet Explorer and some Web-surfing rival renew once more?

It seems very plausible. With yet another barrage of security patches being announced, Microsoft has seen a 1% drop in Internet Explorer usage within the last month. That may not seem like such a huge number, but it still has an ominous impact -- MS is slowly bleeding IE users. And the constant patch releases are really akin to slapping a couple of bandaids on the wound without giving it proper medical attention.

So the time is ripe for web-brower companies like Mozilla and others to really stand up, shine and make names for themselves. And make no mistake, there's plenty of IE alternatives out there.

In the movie Highlander, the catch phrase was, "There can be only one." That's not necessarily the case in the browser game. But if it is, Microsoft better be careful. The "One" may not be them anymore.