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Reports: IE 7 Crashes While Accessing Windows Updates

Some users of Internet Explorer 7's beta are reporting problems accessing the crucial Windows Update and Microsoft Update sites, but Microsoft denied any system-wide glitch.

"Tried going to Windows Update or Microsoft Update w/ IE7 beta yet?" wrote Evan Burroughs, an IE 7 user, to TechWeb in a Thursday e-mail. "It crashes the browser. How does a beta user fix or update the browser when it crashes at the site it uses to update and fix flaws?"

Burroughs' experience is not the only complaint about Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview; numerous messages on Microsoft's official IE 7 newsgroup, as well as the one dedicated to Windows Update issues, strike the same tone.

"IE7 crashes immediately when I click through to Windows Update," wrote Ralph Poole Wednesday. "On WinXP SP2, IE6 SP2 works fine with Microsoft Update, but when trying the same site with IE7 Beta 2 P, I am getting this error: 0x80072EE2," wrote someone identified only as "gahbmwM5."

Several messages on the newsgroups reference the same error code. Other users on the newsgroups pointed people to a Microsoft support document that offers a slew of possible causes and fixes, including complicated chores such as removing entries for Windows Update and Microsoft Update from the local hosts file.

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