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Reorg Throws Cisco Storage Unit Into Disarray

Cisco Systems Incs (Nasdaq: CSCO) storage networking group has been thrown up in the air somewhat following the corporate reorganization that took place yesterday (see Reorg Rips Through Cisco's Ranks).

Company CEO John Chambers has decided that the product lines within the enterprise and service provider business groups have “blurred” to such an extent that it no longer makes sense to run them as separate units.

To address this he has carved the company up into 11 “technology groups” (optical and storage networking among them) with the ambitious goal of serving all customers that require one of these technologies -- enterprises and service providers alike -- under one umbrella.

But before Cisco gets around to addressing how to keep both groups happy at the same time, there are some housekeeping problems it must also tackle, such as who’s in charge of which technology group. And the storage business in particular turns out to be more than a little confused on this front.

“Nobody seems to be sure who’s in charge of what,” said an employee in the storage division who asked to remain nameless.

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