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RenewData Intros New Service

AUSTIN, Texas -- RenewData, a leading provider of electronic evidence and data migration services for corporations and law firms, today announced the availability of their Backup Tape Liability Management Service, which enables corporations to identify, de-duplicate, and possibly reducing data on large numbers of stored backup tapes.

RenewDatas Backup Tape Liability Management Service uses a secure process to quickly evaluate the content of backup tapes and reduce the ongoing storage costs associated with unnecessarily retaining tapes not required for a corporation’s legal, regulatory, or retention management purposes. Backup tapes containing data applicable to the corporations’ retention criteria can be returned to the client or consolidated on high-capacity media, while unresponsive tapes can be destroyed using a defensible process. This identification, de-duplication, reduction, and consolidation process helps corporations address the potential liability residing in large inventories of backup tapes and reduces the ongoing storage costs associated with retaining tapes deemed unnecessary. In addition, the information gained from the resulting reports accompanying this new service can be used to address rules 26(a)(1) and 26(f) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and may also be incorporated into corporate data retention policies.

“The growth in backup tape inventories continues to impact a corporation's storage and maintenance cost. Oftentimes, companies are unaware of the content contained within their backup tapes, resulting in an unknown liability risk," said Vivian Tero, Senior Research Analyst, Compliance Infrastructure, IDC. "RenewData's Backup Tape Liability Management Service addresses a need for solutions that enable organizations to gain more visibility regarding their tape content, as well as systematically reduce legacy backup tapes. With the information garnered from this solution, customers can facilitate more targeted identification and collection strategies, support their arguments for multi-phased discovery, and reduce their storage and maintenance costs.”

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