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Removable Media Vendors Ramp Up Size & Security

Despite the role played by removable media in the recent spate of storage snafus, vendors have thrown their weight firmly behind the technology this week.

Backup specialist Iomega, for example, reaffirmed its commitment to portable storage with the launch of its high-end REV 120 drive at the CeBIT trade show in Hanover, Germany.

The 120-Gbyte REV 120 is almost twice the capacity of the vendor's previous high-end offering, the REV 70. Like that device, the REV 120 uses a 2.5-inch disk, although Iomega CEO Tom Kampfer told Byte and Switch that Iomega has overhauled the drive's basic technology.

Unlike its predecessors, the REV 120 uses perpendicular recording, which places bits facing upwards on the disk platter, as opposed to the previous 'longitudinal' method, which places bits lengthways. By using perpendicular recording, the vendor claims to be able to significantly increase storage density.

Density is key to meeting user demand, according to Iomega. "We know that customers are buying a lot of disk," says Kampfer, explaining that the REV 120 could store 48,000 photos, 2,000 hours of music, or 12 hours of high-definition video.

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