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Reldata Announces Financials

PARSIPPANY, N.J. -- RELDATA, the pioneer of a new generation of universal IP storage virtualization appliances, reported record revenues for 2006 fueled by more than a 300 percent increase in sales, adding customers in education, financial services, automotive, defense, public authorities and healthcare. This revenue growth confirms industry research that end user adoption of IP storage virtualization is and will dramatically increase over the next five years. RELDATAs next-generation IP Storage Gateways provide the ideal blend of high performance IP SAN and NAS virtualization in a single appliance form factor leveraging industry-standard Fibre Channel, SCSI and iSCSI arrays.

The company’s rapid growth was the catalyst for the expansion of RELDATA’s worldwide headquarters in New Jersey to accommodate its growing workforce and to provide additional space for further development of its universal IP storage solutions.

“A recent end user survey conducted by Peripheral Concepts reveals that 37% of the 5,000 surveyed sites have implemented an iSCSI SAN,” said Farid J. Neema, president of Peripheral Concepts, Inc. “With recent technology, the trend is to consolidate NAS and SANs. Some level of consolidation has been implemented by 80% of the sites.”

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