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RealityIT: Data Center Infrastructure

How You Play the Game

You might think I'd have been asked for input into such a massive decision, but nooooo. The deal had been inked, and I was charged with overseeing the IT aspects of the move, on a tight schedule and an even tighter budget.

Now if you've ever had to deal with a move of this magnitude, you know it's like some evil rite of passage for IT people, and those who survive have the scars to prove it. My impulse was to rant and rave, but rational thinking won out and I decided to rise to the challenge. I called for a meeting with data center manager Marvin Mips, network manager Dirk Packet and telecom manager Sandra Hook to devise a plan, taking into account that holiest of trinities: technology, logistics and bureaucracy.

First, we had to determine what kind of infrastructure we'd need in the new space, and what kind of layout would best accommodate all our systems and servers. The suburban facility had a computer room with a raised floor, as well as good heating and ventilation, though some essentials, like a central UPS and a backup generator, were missing.

Naturally, we hoped to take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade to some state-of-the-art equipment. In fact, Dirk informed me, our network engineer had his heart set on some monstrous bladed network switch for our new digs.

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