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Read My Lips

11:15 AM -- Aptly named Nemesysco has released software with which developers of call center equipment can build in "emotion detection technology."

Here's the deal: "Nemesysco's Layered Voice Analysis technology [is used]... to detect and measure anger, stress and other relevant emotions that arise in call center conversations."

Too cool! I'm already looking into having CMP's tech support build this into my phone, so I can pick up bad vibes from readers, storage suppliers, other editors, and my boss -- before the conversation goes too far. I'll have it trigger an emoticon on my desktop, or even a red light or small beeping noise: "Hey, gotta go. You know that call from China I've been waiting for?"

Conversely, PR reps could build this into their conference call bridges. As the hype level creeps up, I can raise my voice to get things back on track.

And as for my annoying Aunt Nancy...

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