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Ramblin' On: Have Cell Phone, Don't Travel; The Good Doctor

While perusing through some of the news sites today, I spotted one of those 'slap you upside the head' kind of headlines on -- "Why cell phone service here sucks," by Gary Krakow. Rather than regurgitate everything that Mr. Krakow wrote, I'll let you check it out for yourself. Instead I'll share with you my own little experience on why cell phone service in America is just not...shall we say, up to par?

John Denver sings of Poor Cellular Service in one of his final concerts

Just a few months ago, while en route to visit my brother-in-law in West Virginia *, we got lost. The directions he gave us for the "uber cool secret shortcut to save us plenty of time" weren't panning out. "No problem," said my lovely wife, whipping out the little wonder of modern technology with the intent to call her brother and get some directional assistance. But -- shock of shocks, the cell phone didn't work -- there was no reception to be had. "That happens," I said, figuring we were in a 'dry patch' of cellular reception, "We'll drive a few more minutes and we should get some bars soon." Well a few minutes became almost 45 minutes. And it was getting dark. And we were in the middle of the Appalachians. And my twin toddler sons were getting restless. And did I mention my mother-in-law was traveling with us?

I know. I was scared too.

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