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Ramblin' On: Daylight Savings; Surfing on a Cellphone

Hi all,

Welcome to the first edition of my semi-regular (read: Whenever I actually have time) Techno-Oddities column, "Ramblin' On." As you can surmise by the title, I'm going to be doing just that -- yapping about anything that catches my attention, makes me chuckle, or pisses me off (more than likely the latter).

Getting right into it, let's talk about the whole Daylight savings time thing the folks in DC are proposing. If you've been living under a beach umbrella, you might have missed that our fine politicians have proposed an extension to Daylight savings time, extending it a month. Their logic -- more daylight increases productivity, cuts down on traffic accidents, and conserves energy.

Cut down on accidents huh? Tell that to the three I passed (at five miles an hour) this morning on the Long Island Expressway. Maybe all this daylight got in their eyes?

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