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Rackable Systems Sells Concentro

MILPITAS, Calif. -- Rackable Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: RACK), a leading provider of servers and storage products for large-scale data centers, today announced its first sale of Concentro, Rackable Systems’ new modular, containerized data center product. Purchased by one of the world’s leading Internet companies, Concentro is a self-contained, fully portable data center featuring extreme server and storage density with highly efficient cooling and easy serviceability. Designed to augment or replace traditional data centers of any size, Concentro features compute density levels of up to 9,600 processing cores in a 40’ by 8’ shipping container, and is one of the most cost-efficient and eco-friendly data center solutions on the market.

“The need to reduce energy consumption and rethink space requirements is changing the look and feel of IT environments,” said Giovanni Coglitore, founder and chief technology officer of Rackable Systems. “We applied Rackable Systems’ proven experience in cabinet, server and power infrastructure to directly address the needs of space-constrained data centers. The result: an entirely new data center model that maximizes density, efficiency and performance while radically reducing costs of installation and management. Concentro is the perfect building block for the energy efficient, eco-friendly data center of the future.”

As a mobile, self-contained module that can house up to 1,200 of Rackable Systems’ award-wining rack-mount DC powered servers or up to 3.5 petabytes of storage, Concentro provides a fully customizable, energy efficient and flexible solution for any growing enterprise. The first release of Concentro leverages Intel® Xeon® quad-core processors in Rackable Systems’ half-depth servers, enabling extremely high density per square foot. Its unique, highly efficient cooling technology enables a reduction in cooling and air handler power costs by up to 80% over traditional data center environments.

In an age of rapid expansion, traditional brick-and-mortar data centers often lack the flexibility and infrastructure to meet the exploding demand for ever more computing and storage resources—while the skyrocketing cost of power further compounds the issue. Rising real estate costs and space restrictions are also driving the need for data center designs that move beyond traditional building structures.

Rackable Systems Inc.