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Rackable Goes 'Eco-Logical'

SAN FRANCISCO -- Rackable Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:RACK), a leading provider of servers and storage for large-scale data centers, today announced the availability of the next generation of the companys award-winning, high performance RapidScale™ clustered storage appliances and its new OmniStor™ SE3016 system. The new generation of Rackable Systems Eco-Logical™ storage products features high efficiency, low power consumption and smart design to optimize price performance per watt in even the most complex computing environments.

Leveraging Rackable Systems’ patented DC Power technology, RapidScale achieves proven, significant power savings in any AC- or DC-based data center while providing unparalleled performance of up to tens of Gigabytes per second of I/O throughput. Ideal for any industry requiring large-scale storage solutions, including Internet, oil and gas, and government labs, the new generation of RapidScale introduces a host of additional features, including small file and random IOPS performance, improved HA failover and heterogeneous network support. The RapidScale SA2150 appliance is designed and built in Rackable Systems’ hallmark half-depth form factor to enable back-to-back mounting for highest density and superior cooling, achieving further power reductions in HVAC expenses while maximizing valuable data center space.

“Our existing RapidScale appliances, clustered with Rackable Systems servers, have enabled us to sustain more than 3.2 Gigabytes per second to disk and double our computational capacity while actually reducing our power costs,” said Dr. Charles Taylor, senior HPC engineer at University of Florida. “We look forward to deploying this new generation of RapidScale appliances to achieve even greater performance and savings.”

Rackable Systems Inc.