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Racemi Debuts Provisioning Software

ATLANTA -- Racemi Inc. today announced a version of its image-based provisioning software specifically built for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), which can be used for disaster recovery, data center consolidation and data center automation applications.

Racemi DynaCenter uses virtualization to automate the movement of server images, including operating systems, storage and network configurations and applications, to dissimilar hardware -- reducing infrastructure costs along with the time and risk typically introduced by manual or script-based provisioning methods.

"Racemi has carefully designed its image creation and management platform to seamlessly integrate into other software applications and hardware, enabling OEMs to use powerful Racemi image-based provisioning technology to further enhance their solutions and provide more value to their customers," said Lawrence Guillory, vice president of sales and marketing, Racemi.

The DynaCenter software compares the configurations of the source and destination servers and reconfigures the necessary components and device drivers "in-flight" to ensure that the image can be run on the new hardware. Systems supported include AIX, Solaris (Sparc and x86), Windows, Linux and VMware.

Racemi Inc.