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Questioning a Storage Icon

Not long ago, Byte and Switch profiled Barbara Nelson, CEO of storage encryption player NeoScale Systems, as one of the industry's Top Women In Storage.

Last week, NeoScale's demise was reported at length by sister CMP publication CRN, and our follow-up reporting reveals a sad story of corporate failure, capped by a fire sale.

Among the most distressing reports about NeoScale are those of employees being released without final expense reimbursement, distribution partners left hanging without information, and creditors lining up to scavenge the premises.

And the endgame -- the $1.95 million assets-only sale of a company funded with over $40 million -- is a jarring reminder of the dangers that await unprepared or mismanaged startups.

Bottom line? The information about what went wrong at NeoScale paints a sorry picture of its executive team, leading us to question our choice of Nelson in the Top Women listing.

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