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Quellan Releases Active 6G Mini-SAS Cables

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Quellan, a leader in Analog Signal Processing and RF Noise Cancellation ICs, today announced the availability of a portfolio of 6G SAS products including mini-SAS active cables, active cable modules, based on its production QLx4600 Lane Extender IC.

The company has previously validated the performance of the mini-SAS cables activated by its revolutionary Q:Active analog lane extender technology at several private and public testing events, most recently at the SAS Plugfest conducted on November 10-14, 2008 at the University of New Hampshire Interoperability lab.

During the demonstration, active cables of up to 25 meters successfully interoperated with SAS devices from multiple storage drive and silicon vendors at the 6Gbps data rate specified by the new SAS-2.0 standard, and cables of up to 30 meters enabled communication at the legacy 3Gbps data rate.

"We are very proud of our company's leadership in developing the silicon for new active mini-SAS technology that now has culminated in successful interoperability demonstrations of active cable interconnects," said Gourgen Oganessyan, Strategic Marketing Manager and Quellan's representative at the T10 Physical Working Group. "Extending the interconnect reach of 10 meters specified by the current standard by a factor of over two removed a severe limitation in the operation of today's datacenters, while retaining complete backward compatibility with existing passive interconnects."

Quellan Inc.