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Product Comparison: Tough Accounting Choices for Small Businesses

With both Intuit and Microsoft offering accounting applications for small businesses, it may be difficult to decide which will work best for you. We have reviewed both applications separately (Intuit's QuickBooks here and Microsoft Small Business Accounting (SBA) here) and concluded that although they each have their strengths and weaknesses, both are viable options for many small businesses.

However when comparing them to each other, QuickBooks' maturity is apparent in its depth of options. One surprising advantage that QuickBooks 2006 has over Microsoft Accounting for Small Business is the way its contact manager is integrated with Microsoft Outlook.

The similarities

Microsoft may be new to the small business accounting market with this product, but it obviously knows plenty about software. And while Microsoft SBA 2006 is a new product, it has plenty of features and a good user interface. It sells for a very reasonable $179.

QuickBooks 2006 is a mature product in its own right with years of usage history and millions of user comments, and sells for $199. Its newest iteration sports a revised user interface that combines what the company has learned over the years into a flexible user experience.

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