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PostPath Partners With VMware

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. -- PostPath, creator of the industrys only email and collaboration server that offers enterprises a drop-in alternative to Exchange™, today announced that it has entered into a partnership with VMware, the world’s leading provider of virtualization solutions for x86-based servers and desktops.

PostPath also announced the immediate availability of PostPath Server VMware Edition, a pre-assembled Linux and PostPath Server VMware image (or “Virtual Appliance”) that customers can deploy without installing an operating system and that requires the bare minimum of site-specific configuration. PostPath Server VMware Edition is the first enterprise-compatible virtualized corporate email server environment.

The EMMES Corporation, a Contract Research Organization (CRO) located in Maryland that supports clients in clinical and biomedical research, was an early user of the PostPath Server VMware Edition. Evan Wagner, director of network operations and security at EMMES, said, “We are finding it invaluable to be able to easily virtualize our corporate email servers, and to use virtualized data management to handle our backup and restore needs. Virtualization, combined with PostPath’s efficient architecture and drop-in interoperability with our Outlook desktops, is delivering improved operational efficiency in our system administration and a higher quality of service for our users.”

Not only does PostPath Server VMware Edition reduce email server installation time to as little as five minutes, its Linux operating system and “Always Consistent” file-based data storage architecture enable it to fully leverage the powerful capabilities of VMware. This enables enterprises to avoid the virtualization issues seen with Exchange’s Windows architecture and concerns with Exchange’s write-sequence-dependent database consistency.

In particular, PostPath Server VMware Edition enables the use of VMotion to dynamically migrate a server from one hardware platform to another without service interruption. The product also enables the use of VMware snapshotting as the server’s primary backup mechanism. VMware snapshots deliver incremental backup capabilities, and PostPath’s restore tool performs restore operations at the server, user, folder or individual message level, direct from the snapshot to the live server, without the need for any intermediate staging platform.

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