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Plaxo: New, Worthwhile and Free

Plaxo Contacts has hit the Internet hard, fast and with surprisingly deep penetration.

When I was first approached by an e-mail from someone I didn't know, to fill out a form and send it back, I thought it was another spam trick. But when people I knew started to use this product, I figured, "Hey, why not, I 'llgive it a try."

Plaxo, for those of you who aren't in the loop, is an add-on to (currently) Outlook and Outlook Express. It permits you to keep your address book up to date, by sending e-mails back and forth between Plaxo users.

No longer will you go to your address book, and find that the e-mail address is invalid or the phone number changed. You change your info on your business or personal card, and every one who is part of your Plaxo community is automatically updated.

Of course, you have the obligatory wizards to send out these requests, and screen modifications to show you some of the additional information Plaxo collects. Later versions of the software should permit (possibly for a fee) more than just two business cards.

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