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Pivot3 Begins PivotSTOR Suit

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Pivot3, Inc, the market leader in High-Definition Storage, today announced it has filed a legal motion with the United States Trademark and Patent opposing the use of the name PivotSTOR by a San Diego-based information technology company.

“Since 2003, Pivot3 has developed a strong brand based on the excellence of our product, the quality of our people and the loyalty of our customers,” said Lee Caswell, chief marketing officer of Pivot3. “We aggressively enforce Pivot3's brands, technology and our patent portfolio, and we felt that, among other issues, this name is likely to confuse our customers and partners. When discussions with the PivotSTOR management team did not lead to a satisfactory conclusion, we acted decisively to protect our rights.”

Pivot3 Inc.