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Pillar Unveils Efficiency Quotient

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Pillar Data Systems today announced that its award-winning Pillar Axiom is the most efficient storage system on the market today. Companies around the world, such as RedEnvelope and Cubist Pharmaceuticals, are realizing massive savings on both energy costs to power and cool their data storage infrastructures and on real estate costs to physically house those systems. In some cases, savings of up to 75 percent annually are being reported on energy costs alone. The real estate costs savings eclipse that figure in the more densely populated metropolitan areas.

Due to the large volume of data we produce, our power capacity was reaching the limit and causing our power costs to soar. We needed an option that would not overload our circuits and would keep our cost low,” said Dale Emel, Director, Technology Services, RedEnvelope. “Pillar afforded us both. We’re getting far greater efficiency out of our storage resources with the Axiom system, which dives our energy costs down and allows our data capacity to grow.”

Green storage may be the most hyped trend of 2007. But for the most part, the discussion has been limited to only half the problem, power and cooling consumption. For a true measure of overall storage efficiency, companies need to consider an additional critical component – physical space. Pillar Data Systems takes the notion of green, or environmentally efficient storage, one step further and suggests companies consider all key aspects of storage environmentals: power, cooling and the physical space limitations within their data centers.

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