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Phone companies: Extending the Disaster

Rebuilding a datacenter at a new location is... painful.
The fact that we lost it all in a flood is bad, the process to restore it all is worse.
Insurance works at whatever speed they work at, and we're trying to work on publishing deadlines. Tough balancing act.
But my story today is about phone companies.
Installing phone and DSL service in the new location should be trivial in comparison to the other things we need to do. You'd think.

Twice we sent a staff member out to the new lab to sit in the emptiness for four hours and wait for the telephone installers. On the third try someone actually showed up to do the install. That's twelve hours of our time wasted.

But that's not the worst of it. When the installer arrived, I happened to be the one on-site, and within minutes I knew it would be a long day.

I don't believe in keeping people around who don't perform. It's not in the best interests of the organization, and increases the workload on everyone else. But I don't control the phone company, and this gentleman spouted a never-ending stream of vitriol about his employer and the amount of work they expect of employees.

So I settled in for a long day in an empty lab with a disgruntled employee. I was not disappointed. Our installation was all that the gentleman did for the day.

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