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PG&E Joins Energy Alliance

SAN FRANCISCO Pacific Gas and Electric Company has joined Google, Intel Corporation and several other organizations as part of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative. The goal of the initiative is to promote the use of energy efficient computers and power management tools to help the world save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

PG&E has been a world leader in energy efficiency for over 30 years and offers several innovative rebate programs that provide financial incentives for customers to adopt efficient computing technology. To promote these types of rebate programs across the country, PG&E recently helped form a nationwide coalition of utilities to discuss and coordinate energy efficiency programs for the high-tech sector, focusing on data centers.

“PG&E can hit the ground running in support of this initiative,” said Brad Whitcomb, vice president of customer products and services for Pacific Gas and Electric Company. “Our High Tech Energy Efficiency team designs programs that are based on our industry experience and customer feedback. We meet with customers and industry associations and consult directly with facility managers, IT managers, design engineers, and financial officers to support energy efficiency, demand response, and self generation projects.”

Pacific Gas and Electric Company