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Percept Announces Testing

BOULDER, Colo. -- Addressing the intensely competitive business landscape in the data storage and information technology equipment (ITE) industries, Percept Technology Labs ( today announced advanced competitive analysis testing capabilities that provide unbiased data to help companies understand, communicate, and substantiate the competitive advantages of their products. With years of in-depth data storage expertise. Percept is focusing on a number of specific product areas including data storage tape drives and tape libraries.

The proliferation of technology products and contradictory marketing claims leaves many consumer and business-to-business purchasing agents confused and skeptical. Attempting to sift through and decipher large volumes of technical data can be difficult and time consuming. For manufactures of technology products, it is essential to have a clear understanding how their products truly perform in comparison to competitors products, and to provide reliable data to prove and quantify their claims of superior performance.

According to John Mozeliak, president of Percept, “Percept has developed a comprehensive competitive analysis testing methodology that delivers powerful, unbiased data to clients. Our test engineers analyze and determine the true performance characteristics of a product in relation to competitive products. This independent test data quantifies exactly how the products outperform the competition as well as areas to target for improvement, providing a complete and unbiased picture. Using our test data, companies are able to determine exactly how to enhance positioning and performance - ultimately benefiting their bottom line.”

Percept Technology Labs