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Is PCI-Attached Storage a Viable Alternative?

10:45 AM -- Recently, I spent some time speaking with Steve Katz, a vice president for OEM sales at JMR Electronics Inc. , where he presented the case for why PCI-attached storage is now a viable alternative for enterprises. Here is a short version of that conversation.

How long has JMR been selling storage?

Since 1982, starting with enclosures for the electronics industry for Apple and others that included PC manufacturers. We've had OEM contracts with companies like IBM, HP, Unisys, Dell, Avid, Fujitsu, and we are still a privately held company. Our latest storage offering, Bluestor, has been available since November 2007. We offer both JBOD and RAID for Sun, Linux Redhat, and SUSE along with Final Cut environments.

Who are your biggest competitors?

Fiber Channel players would be our biggest competitors, however we are the leader of the pack for PCI-attached storage.

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